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Advantages of US Generation Delivery

US Generation Delivery, meaning that products have arrived at our local US warehouse, your orders will be directly dispatched from the local US warehouse to customers. Compared with shipping from China, this can effectively avoid the trouble with customs clearance and better guarantee the delivery time. Besides, buyers will trustingly enjoy our returning & exchange services when they meet problems with products. 

US Generation Delivery equals sending products to customers by you in United States; customer experience will be superior to China Generation Delivery, meanwhile saving your inventory costs, reducing shipping time and improving service efficiency. 

Firstly, save your funds as you don’t need to stock up. In conventional business, you need to order products from us, and send them to your own warehouse, and then you pack and ship according to orders. 

Secondly, save your time as you don’t need to process orders. You only need to submit orders in our United States warehouse system, the orders will be pushed directly to our United States warehouse, and our staffs will ship them out. The tracking number will be pushed to your backend account. Generally, we will finish orders within one business day. You can concentrate more on marketing and communicating with customers with the time you saved. 

Thirdly, the professional team will bring more efficient service. a) You can enjoy lower logistics costs: due to our large-scale effects, we combine ocean shipping and air freight to send goods from China to the United States. In this way, the shipping cost is much cheaper than your single order that is to be shipped to US. 

In the United States, we have a large quantity of orders so that we could get lower local logistics price than most online retailers. b) You can upload more styles for selling: most of the hot items are available in the US warehouse; there will be more than 1000 styles and more than 10,000 pieces of inventory. As United States distributors who purchase from China, we hope US Generation Delivery service will make you more competitive than most of your peers. 

Shiying Sexy Lingerie Co., Ltd offer global drop shipping (China based warehouse) and US drop shipping (USA based warehouse) service for our clients, welcome to visit our global drop shipping website www.dropship-clothes.com.

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